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Upgraded version with system lock


Automatic Motion Control System with Lock Release


Electronic anti-crushing sensor, automatic reopen if it hits something

Timer Control

Closes your door automatically. You must obey some safety rules to activate this function.

Backup Battery

It works even during power failure.

Dual Speed Design

Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.


Micro-computer fuzzy logic control.

Non-underground Motor

Avoiding common problem of damages by water and mud.

Upgraded version

with system lock

To lock the whole system by holding the close/open button.

Technical Specifications

Driving Method : Screw driven piston type

Operating Voltage : DC24V for normal speed
DC24V for cushioning speed
Max. Output Power : 80w per driver
Max. Piston Stroke : 30cm
Max. Piston Speed : 3cm/sec.
Operating Cycle : 10 Second per 90 (approx)
Max.Weight of Gate : 250kg per wing
Max.Length of Gate : 2.2 Meter per wing
Position Limit Device
: Electronic fuzzy logic
Gearbox : Dual steps planetary reducer
Safety Clutch : Electronic current sensing
Backup Battery : 12V 7AH
Safety Barrier : Infrared beam sensor (optional)
Main Supply : AC110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Electronic Controller : Microcomputer based
Remote Controller : UHF digital PWM type
Temperature : 0°C to +80°C

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